Designing a jewel


Winners of Keppel Land’s Instagram photography contest with Mr Daniel Libeskind (third from left), master architect for Corals at Keppel Bay, and Mr Albert Foo (fourth from left), GM of Marketing at Keppel Land

Across Borders finds out more about the inspiration behind Corals at Keppel Bay from Polish-American architect Mr Libeskind, as well as the design influences from interior designer, Ms Patty Mak.

What is the inspiration behind Corals at Keppel Bay?

Mr Libeskind: The inspiration behind Corals at Keppel Bay is twofold. First of all, it is along King’s Dock, a historical site and an incredible part of history. Corals has lower buildings, and is positioned like a necklace that allows every building, no matter where it is located and from whichever level, to have a view of the water and sky.

So it is really about reinforcing the beauty which is specific to Corals. My inspiration is from every day of our lives. It is a celebration of every day.

What are the challenges in designing the development?

Mr Libeskind: It would be the strict regulations such as the height and the adjacency of buildings. In overcoming it, we created a mega-social space, a beautiful garden. Singapore is in the tropics with a lot of sunlight, rain and humidity. You have to design a building that reduces the temperature while at the same time, open up to the spectacular views of the waters at Keppel Bay.

How is Corals at Keppel Bay different from other waterfront developments?

Ms Mak: We were very mindful about its seafront location. We added various small touches, such as including dehumidifiers in the wardrobes. Italian drawers tend to be narrow so we worked with the design team from Poliform, a high-end Italian furniture company, to produce a design range suited to our customers’ needs.

We ensured that at least one drawer in the kitchen is deep enough to accommodate Asian pots, woks and pans. All of the furnishings and fittings at Corals at Keppel Bay are provided by Poliform. Keppel is known for its quality developments while Poliform is a renowned brand. Having these two giants together is a big selling point.

Which aspect of your design for Corals at Keppel Bay are you most proud of?

Ms Mak: I think it’s the monochromatic tone of the apartments. The colour palette of the kitchen, the beautiful taupe and high-gloss lacquer, being carried through to the apartment, that’s a bold move for a developer.