In memory of a Keppel stalwart

Across Borders pays tribute to Choo Chin Teck, former Company Secretary and Director, Corporate Services of Keppel Land.

“Life is short and uncertain. To love than to hate is better. Treat each day as a gift to be grateful for and to enjoy. To get most out of life, we need to learn the simple joys of life, enjoying work, and serving and helping other people.” Mr Choo Chin Teck Former Company Secreta ry and Direct or, Corporate Services, Keppel Land

“Life is short and uncertain. To love than to hate is better. Treat each day as a gift to be grateful for and to enjoy. To get most out
of life, we need to learn the simple joys of life, enjoying work, and serving and helping other people.”
Mr Choo Chin Teck Former Company Secretary and Direct or, Corporate Services, Keppel Land

A mentor and teacher to both senior and junior colleagues alike, the late Mr Choo Chin Teck was a true Keppel stalwart who contributed greatly to Keppel Land, particularly in financial stewardship as well as corporate governance. He was also a strong supporter of environmental and social causes. Above all, he was a loving father and devoted husband. Mr Choo passed away on 16 December 2015 after a brief illness. Over his 42-year career with the Company, he played an instrumental part in Keppel Land’s growth story. A man of humility, he lives on as an inspiration to many.

Mr Choo, 70, began his career as an accountant with Mansfield & Co. which was subsequently acquired by Keppel Land (formerly known as Straits Steamship Company). He worked his way up to become Group Controller and subsequently Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Keppel Land in 1980. As a key member of Keppel Land’s management team, he helped to steer the Company through challenging periods such as the Asian Financial Crisis. His contributions and leadership in sustainability has led the Company to be recognised as a leading sustainable developer.Mr Choo retired in March 2015.

“Keppel was a significant part of Chin Teck’s professional life, having spent 42 years at Keppel Land. He enjoyed much of his time there and this was due to the warm friendships he had forged with the people he worked with. We have been particularly moved and touched by the actions of many at Keppel during this time. All these speak volumes of the love that Keppel had for Chin Teck. Thank you, Keppelites, for everything that has been done for Chin Teck and us.”

Mrs Choo Chin Mee

Wife of Mr Choo Chin Teck


“Chin Teck embodied the Keppel Can Do! spirit, and was a role model for us as one who had done good and done well in his four decades with the Company.”

Mr Ang Wee Gee

CEO of Keppel Land


“Chin Teck was Keppel REIT’s first Company Secretary and we owe him a lot for our foundational organisations.”

Dr Audrey Chin

Chairman of Keppel REIT


“To many of the younger staff, Mr Choo was a fatherly figure and mentor who took every opportunity to share his rich experience. From my interactions with Mr Choo, passion and dedication truly resonates through him.”

Nicholas Tiong

Senior Executive (Business Development)

Singapore, Keppel Land


“Mr Choo was instrumental in Keppel Land’s evolution, especially on its focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, and responsible citizenship.”

Associate Professor Eugene Tan

Singapore Management University